As unique as your personal musical perception of music.

AcouSuit "Lovisa" by TheAcouSuit on Sketchfab

Your Music.
Your Sound.
Your Suit.

The AcouSuit is a unique piece of fashion modeled according to the wearers sonic and musical preferences. It is cozy, keeps warm and feels safe due to its lightweight foam material. Please contact our team to do a PsychoSonicTest with us to model your unique AcouSuit.

official launch presentation by Nico Sauer
at SPOR festival 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark

PST (PsychoSonicTest)

To evaluate your very personal muscial and sonic preferences we developed the PsychoSonicTest, short PST. In 25 questions the test person is asked to creatively interact with an algorithm that computes a unique 3D model which is used to manufacture the final AcouSuit.

PST demo test

Get your own AcouSuit now!

To model your very own individualized AcouSuit we will test your musical preferences in a live P2P video call with Nico Sauer. After completing the PsychoSonicTest(PST) your AcouSuit is ready to be crafted and will be handcrafted by Nico Sauer himself just for you.

After checking out, Nico Sauer will contact you to find a date and time for a live video call to perform the PsychoSonicTest(PST), which will collect data that is used to model the surface and shape of your personal AcouSuit.