germany 2004: the secretary for development aid decides to cease the reparations being paid for the brutal genocide of the herero and the namaqua in 1904. instead of financial support, they now aim to provide cultural aid and help today’s namibia to build a culture as high and elite and academic as their own. music is the matter, light in weight and heavy in effect. what could be more suitable as a generous gift?

in cooperation with a committee of avant-garde musicians a wide range of special instrumental techniques and sound effects is collected and wrapped up to go to namibia. not entirely un-selfish: forward is the direction of the avant-garde and swiftly we go without the ballast of the past.

10 years have passed. 10 years of hair-loss, 10 years of sagging breasts, 10 years of ceasing potence, 10 years of struggling for something new, 10 years of not finding a single damned avant-garde-ish sound! and in the same time, the namibians have transformed the old sounds to something totally unheard, something beautiful, beyond words: music!

time has come to act. the former secretary of development aid is retitled to secretary of self-help. her mission: get the old sounds back from namibia at any cost. if it only were that easy!