Nico Sauer’s Room

Spend a night in a room painted in unsettling green. You might be alone or in company of the artist and other guests. Try to sleep, wake, read, play, sing, despair, get high, feel down, surf the internet, lose temper, open the window, turn on the light and become a human sculpture participating in an unpredictable performance.

  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • pull-up bar
  • guitar, microphone, other instruments...
  • japanese air fan
  • books
  • wifi
  • persian rug
  • large bed
  • späti shop in the same building
  • many more objects

price per night/guest


guests should behave according to a simple set of rules based on mutual respect:

guests (and host) need to always ask for permission for all kinds of interactions that involve anothers.

anything can happen, but nothing has to. everything will happen based on mutual agreement.

all sorts of performances that might happen during the night are included. the guest is not to ask any services of other guests or the host.

audio/video footage that is eventually recorded during the stay can and will be reused by Nico Sauer without further permission of the depicted.