soundideas disclaimer

the idea of soundideas explained in FAQ

How is the soundidea delivered when I buy it?
It is not. By reading the description on the soundidea’s page it is already delivered to your brain. That is as far as an idea goes.

What if I’m not happy with what I can do with the soundidea after I bought it? Can I return it? Will I get a refund?
Your own mind defines the limitations of what you can do with an idea. Soundsideas can’t be returned and won’t be refunded.

Do I own the idea or the rights of the soundidea after I bought it?
No. Ideas are immaterial and therefore can’t be owned. It would be too complicated to trace back where they actually originated.

So why would I buy the idea at all?
To experience the pure pleasure of buying.

I see... So could I just use the soundideas without buying them?
Of course you can.

Hold on... Is this really an online shop?
You can buy stuff here, so it must be an online shop, right?

Yeah, but it doesn’t seem like anyone would ever buy anything here. I mean, you don’t get anything for your money.
That’s right. You can spend money and will get nothing for it. It’s a very common practice. But this online shop is more than a rip-off.

You mean like an... experience?
By browsing the online shop, reading through the descriptions of the soundideas, you start to imagine them, apply them, transform them.

So shopping becomes a musical performance?

So you could say that this online shop is something similar to a concert hall?